Falling For Grace

Colors of nature changing, a nip of coolness in the air.sacred-journeyShadows lengthen – and the heart is melancholy

Changes in the season, changes in my life

Dawning of shorter days and longer nights

Sometimes wishing love to be present. Wondering “What if?” Wondering why?

I saw across a crowded room and my heart melted, suddenly having feelings I haven’t had before. I sense peace in my soul.

Yet knowing the truth- that I can never have you.

Loving each minute with you so near, an ache in my heart when I realize we can never be together.

I pray for strength, I have to let go.

But not forgetting how you made me feel for a few days

Even if you didn’t know


I fell for you…loved you.

I wish you joy.

I wish you love.



About mbfavazza

Reimagining Life.
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